Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Designer Profile | Kim Victoria Jewels.

Kim Victoria Jewels.

Kim Victoria Wearne is a Melbourne-based jeweller and object maker. Her creative practice is built
on narratives and complemented by a love of Australiana and ancient treasures.

Let me tell you a little bit about Kim's background...
She studied at RMIT, completing a Bachelor of Interior Design with first class honours in 2003 and from there,
went on to study a Bachelor of Fine Art at the same institution, majoring in Gold and Silversmithing.
When it comes to her design work, Kim's pieces are timeless, resembling artefacts formed by the Earth itself, delicate and detailed
at further inspection. Opals, vintage diamonds, vibrant gems and solid gold and silver are her jewels of choice. Although her current
Opal Princess Collection 2014 focuses on one jewel specifically, in a celebration of the iconic Australian stone, revealing a beautiful
contrasted aesthetic of toughness and fragility. Rings, opal chokers, earrings and cuff earrings, of greens, blues and pinks;
vintage diamonds and coloured semi-precious gems, are what you would expect to find in the Opal Princess collection.
Each jewel is carefully sculpted to highlight the magical qualities of the opal, guaranteeing that your piece of jewellery is one of a kind.

I, personally, cannot get enough of the stacking of the rings. The rustic, earthy, natural feel is beautiful.

The Kim Victoria Jewels collection is available at the label's e-boutique, aswell as through stockists nationally.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Beauty Evolution Of Kate Bosworth.


Give me Kate Bosworth's skin any day, pretty please!

I've compiled a small list of my most loved beauty looks. She is the queen of the "natural look", opting for a 
dewy complexion, nude lip and a shimmer of bronzer or a pale pink blush on the apples of the cheeks on most occasions. 


BECAUSE she has those incredible eyes - one blue, one half hazel - due to being born with heterochromia 
iridim, I love when her skin is a little bit more bronzed, her foundation is slightly heavier and dewy, 
her eyelashes are separated and long, she is wearing a coral lip and she has a dusting of pink on her 
cheeks for a more formal look. Just like in the first image (wearing Proenza Schouler).
I also really love when she is more polished - hair pulled back, clear, even skin and a bright, bold lip.

FOR every day, I like that she has a very basic look - an even, dewy complexion, groomed eyebrows, 
a bit of mascara to lengthen the lashes, a stroke of bronzer across the cheeks and gloss on the lips and 
she's done. With flawless, youthful skin like hers, she doesn't need to put in a lot of effort or use an 
extensive amount of products to achieve an effortless look.
A messy, 'naturally' wavy hair do tops off the look.

Most of my make up and hair inspiration comes from Kate Bosworth. I feel that she always looks immaculate, 
but more importantly for me, as I am someone who isn't the most skilled or knowledgable when it comes to 
make up, Kate's looks are achievable and completely my style.
What are your favourite beauty looks on Bosy?

Introducing | Innie.

Are you an INNIE or an OUTTIE?

So I suppose you are thinking, "what are these bread peg-like plastic clips?" Well, let me introduce you to a 
new concept for wearing your street shoes without exposed bow laces.
INNIE is a small durable shoelace clip which attaches onto the laces within the shoe between the tongue 
and the inner side of your shoe. The clip is there to hold the tension of the laces so the excess laces can 
be cut, improving the style and comfort of your converse, vans, nikes, whichever you may choose.
If you're like me and you're hesitant to cut your laces, hoping to keep your converse intact for many 
years to come, you can still use the Innie pieces by continuing to tuck your laces inside your shoe, but 
having the Innie there to avoid the shoe from loosening during wear.

The Innie comes in a selection of colours, including white, black, neon blue, pink and yellow. 
Although they are not visible from the outside of your shoe, it is great to add a little fun somewhere.
You can can purchase Pledge Packs on Kickstarter by clicking here, starting from $10 (2 x packs = 4 pairs of shoes) 
to help fund the campaign. Once Innie has hit $10K on Kickstarter by the 25th of April, they will be 
able to go into production and Innie will be readily available via their website for $5 a pack.
Such an inexpensive and clever way to keep your laces in check!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

MBFWA | Back Of House With Alice McCall.

Backstage at the Alice McCall show.

Close-ups of the beautiful detailing and creativity that went into these dreamy pieces.
I've got to say, my jaw nearly hits the desk when I lay eyes on the white crochet jumpsuit, the 
pistachio green frilly jumpsuit and the white lace embossed peplum dress. Hands down faves! 
I'm actually contemplating splurging on the dress when it becomes available, I'm that smitten.

What was your most loved look from the show?

Abbey Lee Covers Vogue Australia.

Abbey Lee Kershaw for Vogue Australia April 2014.

Her first editorial and magazine cover in a little while since taking time off to film the new Mad Max movie.
Abbey has revealed in the interview inside the mag that she is not giving up modelling, but she's definately being 
more selective with work she chooses, so she can focus more time and energy on her new found love of acting. 
She feels that way she can be taken more seriously as an actress and land the type of roles that she wants.

Now lets just take a moment to appreciate the Alexander Wang embossed dress up above.