Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretty As A Picture.

Love, love her outfits to peices.
One Name: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
Stunning face, amazing wardrobe, model discovered walking into an agency for an interview as a booker. One lucky lady.
More to follow up on, I'm sure.

Clare, The Real Top Model.

Clare is my absolute favourite Australia's Next Top Model contestant of... well, all-time. I think she has the most amazing facial features and oozes such confidence and maturety for such a young girl trying to make it big in the brutal modelling world. I know we'll be seeing more of this flawless wonder in months to come and I really cannot wait! Stay tuned, for sure.

Australia's Next Top Model.

My absolute favourite photograph out of the entire series'.

Tahnee Atkinson, Winner.

Cassi Van Den Dungen, Runner-Up.

I can most definately say that yes, I am a Tahnee fan and have willingly joined the 'I dislike Cassi bandwagon'. Tahnee was a true contestant. I was proud and very ecstatic watching her take out the tight battle in order to be crowned Australia's Next Top Model for 2009. I do understand why many people's votes would have gone toward Cassi, as she has the top model look for the moment and would make big bucks in the international market, but I do believe that the right choice was made and in the end the better model did win. Tahnee is a brilliant role model, young lady and now Australian model. She deserved to win and I hope she has the most fabulous career ahead of her, at such a tender age of sixteen. I can't wait to see her pretty face gracing the pages of magazines throughout Australia and the world. LOOK OUT!

Hottie Radar: High.

I have recently stumbled across this lovely looking gent by the name of Artur Devalbray. Yet to find out which country he reins from, but we can put all of that aside for the time-being and focus on the important things...