Friday, January 31, 2014



Sadly, the Christmas/New Year vacation period is over and it's back to the 'real world'.
My two and a bit weeks where split between time at my beach house in Inverloch and down at an
apartment my family and I shared in Lorne.
Those few weeks were spent frolicking in the sun, splashing in the waves and hiking
in natures wonderlands amongst many, many other things.

All photo's above were taken by me.
1. Inverloch beach at dusk  2. The stairs at Inverloch jetty  3. The Great Ocean Road
 4. Cockatoo friends and balcony breakfast views  5. View of Lorne beach from the pier
6. Paddleboarders in Lorne 7. View of the ocean from our hike  8. A very Bondi-looking
Lorne beach  9. I spy surfers  10. Watching the surfers  11. The Great Ocean Road
12. Hike to the waterfalls

I want to go back. NOW.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sienna Miller For Esquire Magazine.


It's so refreshing to see one of my all-time fave style icons, Sienna Miller back in print.
She is this months cover girl for Esquire magazine and is also featured in a spread inside the mag.

The editorial titled "In Bed With Sienna" talks about how she's back to reclaim her place at
Hollywood's top table. Click here to read the interview in full.

Designer Profile | Dorota Resort.

Introducing... Australian label DOROTA, by designer Dot Drabarek.
The label is elegant and dreamy, with a playful undertone and philosophy that exists in the creation 
of new mood and beauty.
More specifically, DOROTA's Resort '14 collection explores the ideas of dress codes, elegance and a luxurious nature 
of 1950's cruise fashion. Think seaside afternoons spent of luxurious yachts, the relaxed glamour of St Tropez and a 
chic colour palette of sailcloth white, navy blue and midnight black, with a hint of soft pink and gold.
The soft European fabrications and finely detailed finishes make it a seamless and feminine addition 
to your wardrobe this balmy summer. 

DOROTA's collections are available at the e-boutique, aswell as through stockists nationally.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Skin Care 2.0

Aveeno's Total Soy Complex 'Positively Radiant' range proves to help hydrate skin, even skin tone, 
smooth texture and soften skin. The soybean is the focus ingredient, with the proteins found in soy said 
to reduce the appearance of blotchiness and discolouration. While the natural Vitamin E component of 
soy moisturises and soften the skin, protecting it from free radical damage, Vitamin C - also naturally 
found in soy - promotes skin radiance.
This is a soap-free, oil-free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic cleanser, which promises to lift away 
dirt, oil and makeup without over-drying your skin. The moisture-rich soy extracts in this formula helps 
to even out skin tone and texture for a natural radiance.
`Personally, my skin took to this product so well. It felt soft and the appearance smoother. 
It also has a really great scent. It is my most-loved product from the Total Soy Complex line.

Moisture-rich soy extract and smooth, round exfoliating beads will improve skin tone and texture for 
brighter, more radiant skin. The formula is soap-free, oil-free and suitable for daily use even on 
sensitive skin. It will leave the skin looking and feeling cleaner, smoother and radiantly healthy.
I am yet to try this product myself, as I am in a routine with another product at the moment, but I cannot 
wait to give it a go seeing as I love the cleanser as much as I do. And it smells amazing.

During the night our skin is in a renewal phase - relaxing, repairing and preparing for another big day.
This night cream, with Total Soy Complex and Vitamin B3, helps to promote radiant skin by boosting 
the 5 Factors of Radiance; tone, dullness, brown spots, texture and blotchiness. It is clinically proven to 
provide significant improvement in tone and overall skin appearance in just 2 weeks. The cream is oil-
free and leaves the skin looking fresh, awake and luminous in the morning.
I can say that my skin does feel more "awake" in the morning, although I do feel like I need to 
continue using this product regularly to reap the full results on a day to day basis.

When makeup is not removed properly, it can leave behind impurities that can clog pores and cause 
breakouts and blackheads. Neutrogena has created a toner that gets rid of those last traces of makeup, 
helping you to achieve beautifully clean skin, in just one easy step.
The alcohol-free toner is made from gentle and effective ingredients suitable for even the most sensitive 
of skins like my own. It refreshes the skin and removes pore-clogging dirt without stripping the skin's
natural moisture. Special mild purifiers inside the formula gently remove impurities and recondition the
skin, making it feel fresh, clean and soft.
After using the toner, my skin did feel really fresh and clean and ready for a good nights sleep.

Healthy looking skin depends on a good moisturiser to keep it looking smooth, soft and radiant. 
This particular moisturiser for sensitive skin, helps the skin renew and re-from the protective barrier that 
guards against environmental aggressors such as the sun, wind and pollution. This particular product is 
lightweight, non-greasy, water-based, ultra-gentle and irritant-free. which effectively eliminates dryness 
without leaving the skin greasy or shiny. It contains no fragrances, dyes or drying alcohol.
I am yet to try this one as I am still finishing off my current moisturiser and prefer not to mix brands 
in fear of my skin acting up.

The MicroClear technology in this cleanser has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of 
blemishes. The oil-dissolving agents penetrate the oil barrier on the skin's surface and deliver potent 
anti-blemish ingredients direct to the source, providing visibly clear skin in just over 8 hours. It also has 
soothing and conditioning agents, to ensure that the skin is kept cool and calm without skin flakiness or 
dryness appearing. This cleanser can also be used as an intensive 5 minute mask to reach deep into the 
 pores and condition the skin. The formula contains clay minerals to control excess oils and deeply 
cleans without drying or aggravating the skin.
I really enjoyed using this cleanser as a mask. I'm a fan of masks because I feel like they are getting 
deep down into my pores and making a change to my skin. The 2-In-1 cleanser made my skin feel cool, 
refreshed and my pores unblocked.

Neutrogena 'Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+'
SPF 50+ promises to protect the skin 50 times longer than if the skin was unprotected. This mist has
long lasting protection and is 4 hours water resistant. Although it will do a great job of protecting the
skin, especially with a higher SPF rating, it is important to apply frequently and thoroughly, especially
in a country like ours where we have one of the highest rates of melanoma and skin cancer in the world.
Being a spray it is really simple to apply to the body evenly and thoroughly. It is also a quick and mess-
free application, which I found to be a breeze compared to creams.

It's been so fun and so rewarding getting my skin care back on track.
I feel much better in myself when I am taking the necessary steps to look after my skin through
providing a healthy every day routine.
Take a look at both Aveeno and Neutrogena products now to find out what best suits your skin
and start a new regime today to get your skin in tip top condition!

*Again, apologies for the terrible photo quality! Blogger and iPhone just ain't friends.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What I Wore | KIVARI.

Last weeks uniform in Melbourne's heat wave - KIVARI 'California Dream' shorts.

They are a loose-fit, sports design short with a rounded hemline, made from 100% rayon, which makes them
the most comfiest summer staple in my wardrobe at the present time.
I have been living in mine all week in the sweltering heat while on vacation up at my beach house.
B L I S S 

They are from the SS '13/14 'Harlequin Daze' collection that I blogged about 
recently, which are available to purchase online right now.

*I'm not sure why the quality translates so poorly on blogger. Many apologies!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mr & Mrs.

In ode to Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl's New Year's engagement
- Soon-to-be Mr & Mrs Huebl's couple dressing at it's finest.

The last photograph of them is my all-time favourite. They just look like the cutest couple and their outfit coordination is by far the best.
Second is the very first photograph in their knits and fur.

I'm a little excited. It's going to be one of the most anticipated weddings to date. What will OP wear?!!