Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kate Bosworth for VS Magazine.

Kate Bosworth for VS Magazine.

This is one of my most loved fashion editorials to date. 
Featured alongside KB is her husband, Michael Polish. #couplegoals

Photography: Guy Aroch


Monday, October 26, 2015

Blogger Style | Kristen Sundberg.

Sweden produces the most amazing / blessed / stylish people on the planet. 

Blogger Kristin Sundberg being one of them - Even her apartment is perfectly styled.
I am completely obsessing over that white lace-up sweater in the last image 100%. All of her 
lace-up numbers for that matter! This is the one trend that I am all over right now and can't get 
enough of. So much so that I ordered two tops online the other night and am anticipating their 
arrival like it were Christmas.

I love that her posts are so real and insightful and not a recurrent "blogger" outfit post with no real depth.
You can find her on instagram @kristinsundberg.


Lara Worthington x Harper's Bazaar.

I have been obsessed with this editorial for Harper's Bazaar since it came out last week.
I have always loved Lara and been a big fan of her style and beauty. But, I love just as much that 
Harper's Bazaar Australia chose to highlight Lara's transition from 'Aussie beach babe' (and the many 
negative perceptions of her) to a more important and fulfilling representation of a wife, a new mother 
and savvy business woman in an editorial spread titled 'The Emancipation of Lara'.

The article is definitely worth a read if you haven't already picked up a copy - There is also a 
cheeky mention about Mr & Mrs Worthington's secret Melbourne wedding in there also.
What grabbed me the most, and instantaneously, was the photography by Russell James (of Victoria's 
Secret fame). Every single shot is beautiful and the location a complete complimentary component.

I honestly need the shot of LW in the field of flowers framed on my wall ASAP.

(PS. Sorry about all of the coffee cups in the shots - I got a little bit carried away).


New In | Alpha H Skincare.

I have been meaning to get into a proper skincare routine for the longest time. I mean, one that 
doesn't just involve a cleanser in the shower, a mask every now and then and a moisturiser morning 
and night. I have also been looking at Alpha H products for awhile, having heard of great reviews of 
their products, especially their "holy grail" toner, Liquid Gold, and decided to bite the bullet and give it 
a go. My only reservation was that most products contain strong formulas suited for mature aged skin, 
sun damaged (yep, sadly that's me), prematurely ageing, acne scarred skin and I didn't want my skin 
to go through any sort of trauma from a drastic change in skincare. But I couldn't hold of any longer 
once I discovered that a personally hand-picked Alpha H sample kit (of 5 products) was available 
and ordered last week.

To kick start my new regime I chose:

  I have used this one and I love the feel of my skin afterwards. I feel fresh and my skin actually 
looks smoother. 

   I have been looking for a new serum since my last one ran out. This goes on quite shiny but 
absorbs into the skin after only a few minutes which I like. There's nothing that freaks me out
 over my skin than a shiny appearance. I have only used it once or twice so I'm yet to see the 
full effects.

  I have been quite hesitant to use this seeing as there is so much hype around it. Although I have 
used it once and thought it was good, but not long enough to see results. It does leave a slight 
tingling feeling on the skin at first, which I suppose it means it's doing the work.

  I'm a fan of this moisturiser so far, although it's probably a little thick for my liking. It has an 
SPF of 30+ which I like most as I feel protected against the UV rays and hydrated at the same 
time. Plus,  my makeup seems to sit really nicely on top, it lasts a bit longer and gives a slight 
dewy effect. 

  I used this for the first time tonight as I usually try to do a face mask every Sunday night. It's 
not a thick white mask like most out there - it does go on white but absorbs into the skin. So 
far my skin doesn't feel too different but we will see with time. 

Overall I am just hoping for a little extra help with my skin and hoping to see a more supple, dewy, radiant 
complexion when I look in the mirror. 

If you have tried any of these products or others from the range, let me know your thoughts.


Monday, October 5, 2015

Blogger Style | Mija Flatau.

Mija Flatau is hands down one of my biggest style inspirations in all of Instagram land.
I was going to write 'influences', but our style choices are quite similar (in that we both like to wear 
a lot of white, grey and distressed denim) and the outfit above in a direct example of that said style.
This is probably one of my most loved outfits of hers. 
It's simple, it's crisp and her Chloe Faye bag makes the best accessory.

If you don't already follow her on Instagram or her blog, you totally should.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

NYFW | Dion Lee.

Dion Lee at New York Fashion Week.

Dion continues to kill it with his signature style and incredibly unique, stand out designs.
Simplicity is always the key. He truly knows how to work with the female form.