Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hair Inspiration | Dree Hemingway.

I've had hair on the mind lately, with thoughts of paying a visit to the hairdresser 
for some much needed pampering on my locks. 

There is always a select few of celebrities that I instantly go to - Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, Lara Bingle - when it comes 
to finding that exact colour inspiration. I try to take an image to the salon with me, as I'm not that down with the hairdresser lingo. 

This time I am lusting over Dree Hemingway's balayage tresses with the golden glow in 
her ends as it is just what I am after and have visualised myself. My hair takes forever to grow, 
(ashamedly probably due to the heat I put it through weekly), but I am liking her length aswell, it's 
short without being too short. 
Now if only I could get that wave happening! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Kym Ellery is hands down my most-loved Australian designers

On most accounts, it's the person/soul behind the label that has a killer wardrobe. 
I mean, the genius designs and creations don't come from out of nowhere, right? 
With Kym Ellery - I understand her endlessly stylish outfit choices, I hardly ever have to question 
where any of the items that she is wearing is from; because most often than not it is from her own 
line; and she just gets fashion, in a whole new way. And I love that.

I lust after each collection every season and if I could afford 
to, I would buy a piece of hers from each collection, every year.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

From The Archives | Dree Hemingway for Muse.

This is a favourite editorial of mine, of one of my favourite models, 
Dree Hemingway, for Muse Magazine Issue #31.

I think it has a huge deal to do with the fact that I am obsessed with the flower head 
wreaths and her effortless hair (always). It is too good not to share.

"Red Roses In My Garden"
Photographer: Cass Bird
Model: Dree Hemingway
Styling: Ethel Park

Friday, November 21, 2014

Kym Ellery x Russh Magazine.

Australian model and momma, Emma Balfour, styled by Kym Ellery featuring 
pieces from her collection for Russh magazine. What's not to love?

Photography: Pierre Toussaint 
Styling: Kym Ellery
Model: Emma Balfour 
Hair: Alan White
Make Up: Charlie Kielty

Thursday, November 20, 2014

By The Sea.

"Time and silence are the most luxurious things today." - Tom Ford

Ain't that true when it comes to time dwelling by the sea.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

What I Wore + Ate...

WORE // I'm into fairy floss hues and rose gold or gold accents at the moment. 
It's a little step out of my comfort zone of my usual colour palette; white, navy and grey. I look younger 
than my age suggests, so I tend to stay away from any colours or styles that make me look too girly or 
like a high school student. 

I'm quite fond of my French Connection knit (similar) though, it's bright pop of pink is surprisingly a winner 
for me. Paired with a black pair of jeans (which is rare for me)/(from the kids section at Target (similar) as 
I find the fit much more fitting), my trusty Daniel Wellington watch and new jelly sandals with gold 
detail from Country Road (similar), that I just picked up last week.

ATE // I had lunch at Mexican restaurant, FONDA, for the first time on the weekend and loved every second 
of it. The food was to die for; the corn especially. My best friend and I dined mid-afteroon and were the 
only two out of four other diners in the big Flinders Lane restaurant. It was great having beat the dinner 
rush, but it also meant extremely fast service! I totally understand the hype now.