Friday, September 25, 2009

I Fell In Love...

...With This Right Away.

It's amazing. Super, super pretty. Ticks every box. I want!

The Beautiful Ordinary

She oozes brilliance.

The Brownlow Medal 2009.

I've been busy as of late so I haven't had the chance to update on the few events that have occured in the past few days.

One being the 2009 Brownlow Medal count on Monday evening. Congratulations Gary Ablett Jnr! Well deserved and I'm completely happy with the outcome.

Now onto the most exciting part of the evening, (apart from the hot footballers in suits), the best and worst in the fashion stakes...

Here are the results...

Best Dressed: Lauren Phillips, girlfriend of Gary Ablett.

Simple with a beautiful statement necklace. Perfect choice.

Second Favourite: Felicity Percival, fiance of Tom Harley.

This dress would make anyone feel like a princess.
(I couldn't find the perfect picture to show it off, so this had to do).

Best Bare Back: Nadia Coppolino, girlfriend of Jimmy Bartel.

I love the twisted one shoulder on this dress. 
So elegant.

Most Over-Rated But Nice Dress: Rebecca Twigley, girlfriend of Chris Judd.

J'Aton created a lovely dress for her, however she's far too over-rated for me to care.

Expected A Little More: Alex Davis, girlfriend of Scott Pendlebury.

She's a stunning girl, yet it's too thigh high and more suited to (gag) Angelina Jolie.

Worst Date: Nathan Brown with Mieke Buchan.

Enough of the cheesy grim.

Kill Me Now: Geoffrey Edelsten with Brynne Gordon.

Yes, we can tell you got your outfit in Vegas.
So grosse.

Almost There: Stephanie Wakefield, girlfriend of Brendan Goddard.

I like the top half - belt included, it just goes downhill waist down.
I'm not a fan of those ruffles.

Pyjamas Would Have Been A Better Choice, Lovely: Alex Fevola, wife of Brendan Fevola.

So, so bad.
Her and her husband should have stayed at home.

I Wish I Were Her: Georgia Clarke, girlfriend of Andrew Mackie.

My favourite man in the AFL. He's super gorgeous.
She's a pretty girl but I'm definately not a fan of the red dress or her hair do.
Way too American Prom.

The Geelong boys sprucing themselves up.
My favourites being Joel Selwood (left), Andrew Mackie (centre, back) and Tom Harley (far right).

The Brownlow sure was interesting! Cats for the win in the Grand Final?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Favourite Scene Ever.

Taken from 90210's 'One Party Can Ruin Your Summer' episode. Absolutely adorable, as I've mentioned in posts before.

Annnd, my most adored part of the entire season...

His jaw-line is simply to die for!

In Bloom.

I've never been much of a flower girl, until now. The thought of receiving a bunch of gorgeous flowers hasn't been something I regarded as super romantic - it still isn't, but I have learned to appreciate the underlined beauty. Especially the large, bright, pretty ones.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seeing Sienna Double?

Although she's pretty much ripped off Sienna Miller's entire outfit, Olivia Palermo manages to look really cute in this sweet, casual, summer ensemble.

Maybe I'll have to steal this hot look too?


While 90210 is still utterly brilliant, it's not the same without Ethan and his pretty face.

...Although, the permanent addition of Liam is the perfect distraction.

<3 90210

Addicted To The Selby.

I do not know how I didn't know of this website sooner. It's run by Todd Selby who feautures photographs of "interesting people and their creative spaces". I think it's rather special.

I want a studio appartment like these guys have. Then I will decorate it whichever way I want. EXCITING.

Peaches Geldof in her humble abode.

White walls and white stair cases - Love.

Love a place that feeds off natural light.

Looks a bit like my collection of Vogue.

I love adding to my own inspiration board.


I want.

This photograph features on Alexander Wangs wall.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Smitten Kitten.

VMA's Hit Or Miss List.

I was actually quite dissappointed at several fashion choices made by the 'usually' most stylish celebrities at this years Video Music Awards. And here they are...

Best Overall: Taylor Swift.

The Best Sexy Edgy Look: Cassie. 
The Cutest Outfit: Alexa Chung.
The Hottest Man In A Suit: Chace Crawford.
Runner-Up: Taylor Lautner.
The Hottest Body: Whitney Port.
I Dress Cute But Never Smile: Olivia Palermo.
The Worst Hair And Make-Up: Leighton Meester.
The Worst Tan: Lauren Conrad.
Dressing Too Old For Their Age: Lo Bosworth.
Gone Totally Overboard: Stephanie Pratt.
WTF Were You Thinking?: Lady Gaga.
Best Tan Goes To:
Uh Oh (A Girls Worst Nightmare) Moment:

Yes, Please!

Um, wow. 
I want to know his name!


New York Fashion Week Favourites.

Definately Charlotte Ronson and Herve Leger.

Ultimate favourites from Charlotte Ronson Spring 2010 RTW:

Ultimate favourites from Herve Leger Spring 2010 RTW:

Even more amazing than last season.