Monday, August 31, 2009

When I Grow Up...

I Want To Be Claudia Schiffer!

And I'm not even kidding. She's however old and still super, super beautiful. Looking not a day older than her younger modelling days in the images below. I do admire her so very much.

Major Bitch Or Just Super Fashionista?

There's no doubt Olivia Palermo is a snotty little socialite, born into wealth, bringing jewels, a wardrobe the size of Australia, fabulous armcandy and a job at DVF any fashion-loving female would be jealous of. But, this little America wonder has one of the best styles going around and continues to prove that she's one to look out for!

Here she is recently taking a stroll with her hunky BF in New York City. Lucky girl.

And one of my favourite outfits of hers ever below. I'm a sucker for a blazer and pastel.

Isabel Lucas Equals Australian Beauty.

Ever since I stumbled across this particular image of Isabel Lucas my initial reaction was, "Whoah! No way?" Mainly because there is a huge lack of photographs of this naturally gorgeous girl on the net these days/ever. I'm so glad her career is doing so well overseas since her role on Home & Away. It took 'the' longest time to find these outtakes from Vanity Fair since spotting a teeny image in an Australian magazine many months ago.

True Beauty.
Chloe Shorts.
Clearly an Australian beach babe.
Isabel on the Home & Away set.
On a photoshoot.
Some above images taken from a fan website for Isabel.

Daria Werbowy Is Number One.

An amazingly gorgeous girl who has an incredible sense of style. Daria has been a favourite of my for quite some time and she continues to amaze me. No further explanation needed, really.
Balmain + Daria = To Die For.
A glimpse of her own style. Leather and sequince, brilliant.
This and the above image are one of my favourite editorials of hers.
Two out of a million magazine covers.

Real Cutesy. ♥

I love this so much right now. Makes your heart flutter and spill little love hearts. Nawh.

Take Me To Paradise.


Bring H&M To Australia Already.

This is what all Australians miss out on and it's so not fair!
Angela Lindvall (so gorgeous) featured in the H&M Magazine for Fall 2009 shot by David Vasiljevic and styled by Ludivine Poiblanc. This definately has my jealousy radar at an all-time high. I want every single piece of clothing worn by this pretty little thing. Sequins, distressed jeans, leather, dressed-up tees, sleeved dresses and the short (non-denim) shorts, are all hits for Autumn. Even though we're finally moving into Spring, I'm sure many of these trends will be carried into the new season. 
These shorts are a great step away from the popular denim choice and are extremely cute for summer.
Completely in love with this dress.
Corsets seem to be coming back.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is That You, LiLo?

Fact: This is actually the most appealling I've ever seen Lindsay Lohan look. The black blazer, the acid wash jeans, fringe heels - Whoah!

Take note as I am sure this is bound to not happen again anytime soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Style Icon.

Sienna Miller is the ultimate style icon, along with others such as previously mentioned Lauren Conrad, Diane Kruger, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, however this time Sienna takes the cake. Here she is at the N.Y.C. premiere of The September Issue for Vogue at the Museum of Modern Art.

This is my favourite colour so I was pleased to see that Sienna has chosen a fabulous, ultra-short Thakoon dress teamed with gold Jimmy Choos, a silver clutch from Bottega Veneta and statement earring from Erickson Beamon.

Pictured with the fashion giant herself, Anna Wintour.

RAFW SS 09-10 Favourite.

Camilla and Marc Spring/Summer 09-10 show at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week. The majority of pieces had me screaming, "Yes Please!"

GAH! In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die!"
The silky materials used are perfect for summer.
The bodice is a lovely contrast to the tulip bottom.

Channeling Balmain with the broad shoulders. Frayed, light denim is definately in this season.

This dress in particular has been quite popular.

If Only...

I Could Be Lauren Conrad For A Day. Or Year? Or Forever?
I don't think there's a time when Lauren's choice of outfit has had me disappointed. I almost find myself green with envy every time I see a new Lauren Conrad picture appear because her clothing is to die for. I have followed her since Laguna Beach days to The Hills and am super happy that her style has drastically progressed and continues to evolve. I am bummed that she's left The Hills, but I'm sure she'll be moving onto bigger and better projects and we'll be seeing much more of her killer wardrobe!
Definate favourite. So cutesy.
2nd favourite.

The floral skirt is a nice touch to light up a black outfit.

If I could take this entire outfit right now, I would. Casual yet majorly stylish.

I love a fitted blazer.

Balenciaga bag? Yes please.

There's definately a million more images I could upload, but we'll stop here before I get too carried away.