Thursday, October 16, 2008

Photography = Major Love.

Ever since I started Photography class in High School, I've been totally fond of the artform. There's just something about. I can't get my head around it.

My favourite photographer at the moment is definately Bec Parsons.

I discovered her work while flicking through Oyster magazine one day, where you'll find her work is frequently published.

She's just a pure genious and she sure knows how to take a killer snapshots! Always so pretty.


Another pretty darn fantastic photographer that I recently stumbled upon, whilst glacing over Oyster, was a name by the name of Ben Sullivan. Immediately I was drawn to his various images titled 'Lost Boys'.

Love the look, love the lack of light, love the costumes. Plus, the model's not too bad on the eyes either. Bliss.
That's all for now. There's plenty more i could add, like Bill Henson's work for instance, but im-a stick to this. Yah.

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