Thursday, July 30, 2009

Australia's Next Top Model.

My absolute favourite photograph out of the entire series'.

Tahnee Atkinson, Winner.

Cassi Van Den Dungen, Runner-Up.

I can most definately say that yes, I am a Tahnee fan and have willingly joined the 'I dislike Cassi bandwagon'. Tahnee was a true contestant. I was proud and very ecstatic watching her take out the tight battle in order to be crowned Australia's Next Top Model for 2009. I do understand why many people's votes would have gone toward Cassi, as she has the top model look for the moment and would make big bucks in the international market, but I do believe that the right choice was made and in the end the better model did win. Tahnee is a brilliant role model, young lady and now Australian model. She deserved to win and I hope she has the most fabulous career ahead of her, at such a tender age of sixteen. I can't wait to see her pretty face gracing the pages of magazines throughout Australia and the world. LOOK OUT!

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