Saturday, February 6, 2010


Okay, so I've been a little M.I.A. (missing in action) as of late. I'm sorry. Just thought I'd take an incredibly short break from the blogging world and lap up the sunshine a whole lot more this week! 
I've gone a little "Doppelganger" crazy (along with the rest of the Facebook community it seems!) I'm finding it super hilarious and utterly entertaining seeing which celebrity my friends have chosen to represent them this week being "Doppelganger Week". I used to get told all the time that I looked like Mischa Barton, but The O.C. days Mischa Barton, when I had more of my natural blonde hair colour, which I was totally okay with. But, not too long ago my amazing and very generous friend told me that I remind her of Sienna Miller, so that's mine! 
I want to know who you've been told you look like?

I wish I looked that good!

Yay, I get Jude! 

Mischa in the old O.C. days. Pretty girl.

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Eve said...

i've never been told i look like anyone. :( facebook has been driving me crazy this week coz i feel so left out! haha! x

Rich Girls. said...

nawh. just put up a celebrity you feel you look like! no matter how ridiculous it seems. paris hilton's mug shot is always a comedic one. ;)