Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alice McCall, You Got Me.

Uh Oh.

So, today I found out that there was a sale on Alice McCall online.
First mistake right there.
Thoughts come flooding through my mind...
Pretty dresses, new dresses, that one dress that you were so in love with, 
you need something new/no you don't, buy me, buy me, buy me!

To get straight to the point...
I got it.
I had to.

Well, I didn't really, 
But I kept thinking of all of the regret I'd be feeling if I didn't. 
And somehow if it didn't fit or if I didn't like it in person, there is always Ebay, right?
50% off... It's almost instantly a done deal.

I'm still finding it hard to justify it to myself.

So anyway, this is my new Alice McCall Truth Will Out dress.
Now to find somewhere to where it to!

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