Saturday, July 3, 2010

My New Love.

Basically, I'm a huge fan of everything Swedish.
There's just this unexplainable fascination I've always had with Sweden,
it's gorgeous Swedes and most interestingly, Swedish fashion.

I have no idea how I didn't already know about this!...

Today I stumbled across Elin Kling's blog Style By Kling.
Her posts are all in Swedish and I haven't yet figured out if there's an 'English' option...  
I've been a little distracted clicking through her amazing images from photoshoots,
new additions to her wardrobe, magazine features and images from her own regular super stylish outfit posts.
I'm going to post a few of my favourite outfit posts by Elin in an up and coming blog post,
so for now here's just a little introduction...

Her personal style is so inspirational. 
I think I find her outfit choices rather intriguing because we do have similar taste in style
and what she posts is somewhat a representation of what I'd wear in my every day life.
She can change her look in so many ways and yet still pull it off so well.
Makes me want to have a little bit of a play around in my wardrobe and be a tiny bit more daring
when it comes to purchasing new items and putting together an outfit.
Plus, a little bit of sunshine wouldn't hurt, just for fun!

PS. I want her hair... 
Wouldn't hurt to throw in her stunning facial features too?

Really, it's no wonder Sweden has such a lucky stereotype of being such an attractive county.
I'm yet to be proven otherwise!

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