Sunday, November 14, 2010

Iris Egbers By Danny Roberts.

Even though my Fashion Drawing course is officially completed, 
I'm always trying to find new artists and wonderful pieces of work that inspire me.

While sitting at home on this relaxing Sunday afternoon, 
I spotted this painting by Danny Roberts and fell in love straight away.
His work is based on various existing photographs of models, using the season's newcomers as his muse.

This particular painting is of model Iris Egbers and it is my favourite from Danny's collection for
It really is perfection down to the final detail!


alannah. said...

i really really really like your blog.
you seem to gather some of the best images & compile them all for me to flick through at my leisure :) x

Rich Girls. said...

aw. that's like the sweetest thing ever.
thank you so much.
that's all i aim to accomplish! x.