Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Miss Mischa.

I miss the 'Marissa Cooper' Mischa.
I miss her looking as stunning as ever like this. 
I miss her wearing designer gowns, especially this Chanel one that I've been completely obsessed with 
ever since she wore it to a school dance on The. O.C.
But mostly I miss looking up to her as my my number one style icon.

I'm anticipating the day sooo badly when she looks as amazing as this again.
It'll happen. I know it.



I miss the oc so much!!

Great blog


Rich Girls. said...

oh, so do i.. like crazy!
i always have to play my favourite episodes on dvd to relive it all over again. ahah. x.

Where's My Other Shoe? said...

ommmmg RIP marissa cooper!! i was so obsessed!

Rich Girls. said...

amen to that!
ahah beyond obsessed. x.

Siboney2046 said...

Love her!