Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scandinavian Style II.

With the weather constantly surprising me in Melbourne already this summer, 
I can't help but think that this the perfect go-to summer outfit.
I pretty much live in a white shirt just like this, and although polka dots aren't quite my thing, 
the flowy style of the shorts with the shirt tucked is pretty cute.

Thanks to my lovely friend over at Style Spot for attracting me to this shot!

I need to fulfill my dream of living in Sweden so badly.


Michelle's Style File said...

Gorgeous outfit! Hopefully we get some more warm days soon : )


Melissa said...

this is the perfect summer outfit.
wish the weather was summer-y enough to pull something like this off. sydney weather is the worst. it has rained so much.
love her shoes as well. they are to die for!

Mel x

Bianca said...

Damn those Nordic babes! I really want to live in Sweden as well, Stockholm seems to be the best city in the world. In terms of fashion/architecture at the least. I love this girls look, mostly the shoes.


Angelica said...

Perfect outfit!!! :) I like our blog :)

Leonie said...

Perfect ! Looks cute :) Xx

taylah said...

i love her outfit! i agree, i don't usually go for polka dots, but she wears them so well.
taylah x

FTD said...

I love this girl!! :)

nicole said...

I think I'm actually speechless at how great this shot is.


taylah said...

thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog, i love that it was so thoughtful, rather than just one or two words. i really appreciate it. you lucky thing, i wish i was in melbourne right now!

Anonymous said...

effortless chic!
i <3 it

J'Adore Fashion said...

Lovely the shoes too!


M'bem di fora said...

I love it

Rea said...

incredible outfit!!!

YOANNE B said...

you look so great, i die for your hair and your shoes.


kamagra said...

I love your outfit perfect for summer. You a one great fashionistas. Wish to have that this summer too.