Friday, April 27, 2012

Isabel Lucas In Chanel.

'Bird on the Buffalo' - Angus Stone

I actually want to be Isabel so bad in this video.
She gets to frollick around in Chanel, with her perfect hair and play with wolves.

Location: Californian desert
Stylist: Imogene Barron
Cinematographer: Sion Michel

Source: isabellucasonline.


Stylist Steph said...

I love Isabel Lucas sooo bad! Her style is amazing! Perfect for Chanel, I'm so jealous!!!

caits said...

she is seriously good looking. i also feel your envy, i want to play with wolves! mind you only friendly ones..
ps - the deer was at simmos icecream down south in wa. he was super cute!

Lula said...

Amazing. She is so beautiful.


Rea said...

she's an angel! so beauitiful!

Miss Delirium said...

ohgosh what a beautiful video! she´s beyond beautiful i think.. and those wolfs and owl are also stunning creatures.. :-)

Sunniva said...
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