Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Being Lara Bingle.

The countdown is officially on.

Tuesday. 8pm. Channel 10.

I can't wait for everybody to fall in love.

Source: ten.


Sunniva said...

You were the one who introduced me to Lara Bingle and I've been hooked on her style ever since. She seems like such a sweetheart. Most of the blogs that I read are actually Australian (told you I'm a true Aussie at heart!!) and everyone are talking about this show. I feel like I'm counting down with you all haha. Will try to hunt down the episodes online..the show is bound to be great! xo

Gabby said...


Elin Kling said...


KERRIN said...

supercute. love your blog, let's follow each other! xx

nikole said...

really sad were not getting this in the states.. boooo xx