Wednesday, July 25, 2012

E L L E R Y | The Silent Years.

Spring '12 LookBook

"The Silent Years"

Inspired by cults in the 70's - cult members and their blind faith in things that seemed crazy to the rest of the population.
The collection has a masculine vs feminine feel to it, which is a recurrence with Kym's design aesthetic.
I say it with each collection, but she really is a creative genius.

The cuts and silhouettes of the dresses and jackets always have me so captivated.
My wish list is vastly growing, as I am in love once again.


The Garage Starlets said...

Love Ellery coats, they look so comfy and cozy


Anonymous said...

Omg that bracelet in the post before is gorgeous i am in LOVE with it!!
Can you possibly get me a yellow Sass and Bide Necklace please and i can paypal you the money when you want.
That would amazing and very sweet whenever you want anything from London just let me know hun and i will sort something out for you...
Thank you, xxxxxx

Shannon said...

I love this collection! beautiful structured dresses, mixed with relaxed easy to wear pieces, I wish I could buy the whole collection!

Sunniva said...

Every single season Kym Ellery delivers one stunning collection after the other. How does she do it?! This is such an amazing collection - love the silhouettes and the mix between masculine/feminine. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that jacket in the third row, picture to the right. Simply wow! xoxo

Anonymous said...

just discovered! just adore!

shardette.. said...

Two words.. I DIE.

x Sharday


emmi said...

I adore the third look!!!

Rea said...

wow wonderfull clothes! thnx for sharing, I had no idea! xx