Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lara Bingle SK-II Event.

Lara Bingle at the SK-II skincare launch in Sydney wearing Louis Vuitton.
W O W !

I've seen a few negative critiques on her outfit, but I think that it is her to a 'T' and looks incredible on her.
If anyone could pull of the mix of colour and print, intricate detail and bold collar like this, it's LB.

It's refreshing to see her cheeky little grin back on the red carpet.

Source: thefashionspot.


wallpapers said...

looking beautiful and handsome

Belle said...

so unflattering on her like most of the outfits she wears. i understand she wants to be a fashion risk taker but a lot of her looks just dont suit her.

t said...

fantastic outfit....just not the best on her. x


even tho I'm a huge Lara fan, this dress somehow doesn't work for me.. makes her look..Big?! she's gorgeous anyhow :)

Anne said...

Great post, I really like your blog so keep up the good work :)
I thought you might like my blog too, so maybe we can follow eachother, if you like?
Thanks and love, Anne

shardette.. said...

Thanks for pointing out that blog.. it's really annoying when people don't credit you correctly or cut off the watermark for my friend the photographer :(.
Thats just the nature of tumblr & blogging i guess!

I'm not sure if I'm going as a citizen or a blogger.. either way is alright by me. Just need to get the outfit sorted! I just bought this stunning Camilla & Marc dress which I can't wait to wear!

xx Sharday