Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mr. Daniel Wellington.

The story behind Daniel Wellington is a sweet one...
It stems from a trip around the globe by founder Filip Tysander, where he met an intriguing and inspiring man from the British Isles. 
His style was impeccable, relaxed and unpretentious and he loved to wear Rolex watches with well-worn in Nato straps, 
which had been kept from his British Army days. This man of huge inspiration, was of course, Daniel Wellington.

I'm a lover of all things Swedish, so it was perfectly fitting that my first ever watch (I know, I'm not even kidding!), 
was designed, created and shipped to me from Sweden. Daniel Wellington (and Anders), I owe you one!

Even since laying eyes on these watches online, it become that impossibly hard task of picking a colour. 
"Do I go for the classic black leather or a preppy bright striped band for that summery feel?"
Then the even harder task of waiting for the parcel to arrive in the mail. But once I opened the package, it was even greater love at first sight!
The quality, the colours, the rose gold hardware, the large face, the fit, everything was perfect.

I went for the 'Classic Southampton Lady', with it's lovely navy, white and pink band with rose gold accents.
I literally spent 3 days contemplating which colour was 'me' and would be something I could wear with just about anything, forever.
It's safe to say that I am over the moon with my pick!

Daniel Wellington is offering 15% off for Rich Girls readers.
Head over to and use the code 'carolyn' for it to be effective.
ENJOY on us!


Caterina said...

Cool watch!

Sunniva said...

That watch is ah-mazing! Perfectly preppy chic. x

Joan said...

where did you get the c bracelet its so cute!

Rich Girls. said...

Joan - I got it from a store on Etsy called Moncadeau. They have necklaces, bracelets... everything. They're all super cute. x.