Monday, April 21, 2014

Introducing | Innie.

Are you an INNIE or an OUTTIE?

So I suppose you are thinking, "what are these bread peg-like plastic clips?" Well, let me introduce you to a 
new concept for wearing your street shoes without exposed bow laces.
INNIE is a small durable shoelace clip which attaches onto the laces within the shoe between the tongue 
and the inner side of your shoe. The clip is there to hold the tension of the laces so the excess laces can 
be cut, improving the style and comfort of your converse, vans, nikes, whichever you may choose.
If you're like me and you're hesitant to cut your laces, hoping to keep your converse intact for many 
years to come, you can still use the Innie pieces by continuing to tuck your laces inside your shoe, but 
having the Innie there to avoid the shoe from loosening during wear.

The Innie comes in a selection of colours, including white, black, neon blue, pink and yellow. 
Although they are not visible from the outside of your shoe, it is great to add a little fun somewhere.
You can can purchase Pledge Packs on Kickstarter by clicking here, starting from $10 (2 x packs = 4 pairs of shoes) 
to help fund the campaign. Once Innie has hit $10K on Kickstarter by the 25th of April, they will be 
able to go into production and Innie will be readily available via their website for $5 a pack.
Such an inexpensive and clever way to keep your laces in check!

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substance for Belle. said...

Oh how cool!! I need some of these, I always tuck my laces in and they hurt and stab my feet and get in the way. So clever!