Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Suit Styling.

The Capstone Tuxedo - Black with Polka Dot Lining

So it's no secret that us girls LOVE a man in a suit. There's ultimately nothing more appealing 
to the female eye than seeing a well tailored suit on a handsome guy, especially when it comes 
down to a slim fit blazer, navy in colour, with a slim straight legged pant.

I have teamed up with BONOBOS, a men's apparel brand focused on "better-fitting clothes and a better 
shopping experience", specialising in men's suits, just in time for the launch of their new collection of 
Bonobos is all about helping find the right fit and have even spent years developing a range to fit options 
for every type of guy and every item that they may require in their wardrobe. The so-called "ninja's" are even there 
to help you online with any questions or concerns you may have and Bonobos are constantly releasing 
new items, so you are bound to find what you're after.
 They even offer a "Groomservice" for Brides and Grooms to help find the perfect attire for their big day.

My personal picks are the Foundation Slim Cotton suit in navy (in the first image), paired with the pale blue 
and white striped shirt. It is perfect for a day at the office, or for a more relaxed formal family affair. 
My other pick is more suited for a wedding or a much fancier event and it is the Capstone Tuxedo in black 
w/ polka dot lining (in the very last image), paired perfectly with a black bow tie.
I've included two shota of real life couples on their wedding day with the groom dressed in BONOBOS - so suave!

There are 3 ways that you can shop at Bonobos and for us Australians, 
that would be via their online store, or for you lucky fellow Americans, 
at the Guideshop or through Nordstorm located around the US. 

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