Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6 Inspiring Interiors.

Being a very visual and artistic person, I love looking at images of design interiors of homes.
I recently found a great site that provides 'shopping, style and inspiration for the home'. 
While my personal style is quite minimalistic, with a whole lot of white and subtle splashes of colour, I do 
appreciate and feel inspired by others homes and the way they incorporate their own style. 

I selected a few images of celebrities homes from Domaine to share with you...

1. Karlie Kloss's living room  2. Ivanka Trump's master bedroom  3. Giselle Bundchen and Tom 
Brady's lounge room  4. Gwyneth Paltrow's living room  5. Nina Garcia's powder area in her 
bedroom 6. Diane Von Furstenburg's bedroom

There are bits and pieces that I absolutely love with each of these rooms and a few of them would be -
The colour palette in Karlie Kloss's lounge, with the hint of gold. The overall feel of Ivanka Trump's bedroom, 
especially all of the white , it gives that crisp, clean feeling. Giselle Bundchen's booth seats in her lounge room 
and then the post bed, fresh blooms and for some reason, that leopard doona cover in DVF's bedroom.

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