Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blogger Style | Lucy Williams.

I am style crushing on Lucy Williams wardrobe rather largely of late. (What's new?)
The Fashion Me Now blogger (and favourite of mine), has recently returned from overseas adventures,
including a surprise birthday trip for her boyfriend to Ibiza, aswell as Fashion week in Stockholm. She
has recently done the rounds back home at London Fashion Week, capping off an extremely busy past
month and a bit.

For me, Lucy does really spot on relaxed vacation looks, consisting mostly of lust-worthy halter neck
tops and dresses and tunics with Moroccan inspired embroidery. Yet it's the cool, casual outfits that
she puts together that I connect with more. Her dressing seems so effortless that it makes me doubt my
ability to throw on a lace skirt paired with Nike Air Max Thea's and pull it off just as good.

High on my wish list right now, thanks to Lucy -
Nike Air Max TheaSelf Portrait dress, Tory Burch tunic + a lace blouse like her TopShop one.


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