Thursday, October 2, 2014

New In | Le Tan 'Wash Off'.


I'm always craving tanned skin, especially when the warmer months roll around and exposing a slight 
amount of skin is pretty much essential. I'm not the naturally blessed type to have bronzed skin all year 
around, nor does the sun tend to work in my favour after lengthy exposure, so the fake kind in a tube or 
bottle is my go-to.

What's perfect is that Le Tan has just come out with a new 'Wash Off' range of self-tanners, 
making it more convenient for you to tan whenever you want, with the option of washing it off the 
next time you shower. The formula is cleverly designed to stay on the skin and not budge until you 
come into contact with soap and a good scrub; not even the rain will disturb you. It is a green-based 
tan that dries in an impressive 60 secs, giving you bronzed, glowing skin that you can show off.

I have used both the 'Dark Bronze' spray and the 'Radiant Glow' instant bronzing lotion and I think they 
both work great. They are both really natural looking, and smooth on really easily with a tanning mitt, Best 
of all, it doesn't make you smell like a coconut all day long! For a night out or for a darker tan, I would choose 
the spray as I feel that the coverage is good and gave me a bronzed look instantly. As for every day, I prefer 
the lotion as it's a bit more subtle and you are able to re-apply to achieve a deeper colour if desired.

Look out for the Le Tan Wash Off range available now!

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substance for Belle. said...

legs looking great girl! now for Melbourne to turn it up for us to actually get dem pins out!