Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wow, Stephanie Pratt.

She's a little psycho but I can say that Little Miss Stephanie Pratt has officially grown on me. I know right, I never saw that coming! We all know Steph's been through some majorly tough times in her life - including drug problems, arrests and body issues leading to bullemia, but she's looking as fabulous as ever these days! And we all love an inspirational and heartfelt story when we hear one. Good on you Steph! She's brought so much entertainment to 'The Hills'- whether is was her crying at People's Revolution or attacking several cast mates/enemies, she's been a blast and I look forward to seeing what the new season has instore as the bitchy Kristen Cavallari gets her teeth into things.

Who would have guessed she had body issues, right?
Beach babe.

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