Monday, May 31, 2010

Yay Mischa's Coming Back!

Well... I really hope so.

She's been looking much better lately.
- She's at a much better weight, dressing so much better; yet still sticking to her edgy roots, working her long blonde hair, smiling and looking so much more happier as of late!

1-3. amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala.
2. Charlotte Ronson + JC Penney Cocktail Party.
4. Nylon Magazine hosts 11th Anniversary Party.
5. Appearing on Chiambretti Nights.

I love this girl so it's super amazing to see her getting back to the old Mischa.
Although I do love her as a blonde and the way she's looking now, my favourite look of hers ever was Mischa back in The O.C. days. She was flawless back then, so young and naturally pretty - I thought she was the most stunning girl ever. I remember being told several times by friends and strangers that I reminded them of Mischa Barton and thinking that it was the hugest compliment!
I hope she continues to progress and wow us with more fashion choices and at events in the future!
Oh, and more TV and movie rolls would be perfect too.


ponyhunter said...

i really, seriously dont like the back of that white dress, it's fantastic to see her recovering from her dowdy phase though. you're right, dhe was absolutely stunning in her o.c days.

Rich Girls. said...

i hate the back of the dress also. the positioning of the material is all wrong.. it's almost like a horses tail.
totally agree. i'm excited to see more of a progression! x.