Friday, September 3, 2010

30 Days Of Fashion Launch.

Tahnya + Cheyenne Tozzi + Jodi Gordon
at the official launch of 30 Days of Fashion + Beauty in Sydney.

To me, Jodi was a definite stand out.

* I attended MSFW Designer Series Show 3 last night 
and let me tell you I loved every minute.
An update coming at a later date. Stay tuned.


rebecca said...

i love the dress in the middle!

Rich Girls. said...

it is super pretty.
makes me want to frolic around in the sunshine so badly! x.

STACY said...

so disappointed I missed out on Show 3 :(
ahh they are babes! xx

Rich Girls. said...

ohh no way! ):
sucks just missing out. i've experienced that way too often. x.

Sherrie Cola said...

They all look lovely

Rich Girls. said...

yep! they're gorgeous. x.