Thursday, September 30, 2010

Australia's Next Top Model.


What a drama-filled finale last night on Australia's Next Top Model.
Ahh.. I was definately not expecting any of that!

My heart went out to my favourite girl from the beginning, Kelsey.
Aswell as Sarah and Amanda for being in such an frighteningly awkward postition.

In the end, I think the right girl did win - I do believe she will be the most successful.
But, I totally agree with Edwina McCann, editor of Harper's Bazaar, when she said that Foxtel wanted Amanda to win
(especially when they kept the voting open for so much longer than they were supposed to,)
in which 3 extra votes were put through (due to the votes being audited), making Amanda the winner.  

I'm glad Harper's has chosen to run both covers of Amanda and Kelsey.
(I might even purchase the both of them).
And I'm so happy that Kelsey was given a prize of $25K and a trip to New York.
In the end, with constant changes in the lead and three points the difference in the end, both of girls are winner's in my eyes!

They're both super gorgeous and I know that Kelsey and Amanda will have such successful careers!

Ps. What did  you guys think?

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