Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bec & Bridge High Summer 10/11.

Bec & Bridge High Summer 2010/10.

I want the very first skirt and the entire second outfit for my summer wardrobe.
I looove the light colour palette used.

I just figured today that my wardrobe always basically consists of black, grey, white and pastels, all year around.
Seems pretty boring to me in retrospect, but when I see an entire collection like this, 
it totally makes sense as to why I'm more drawn to these sorts of tones.

Such gorgeous pieces.
Way to tempt me while I'm trying to save my dollars!

*Edit: I forgot to mention how much I love this girls hair on her. Especially at the roots.

Source: bec&bridge.


Jan said...

Wow lovely inspiration pics,
also in the previous posts!

Though, this girl kind a freaks me out,
she's a bit .. euhm... how to call it, strange in a creepy way I think!

Caroline said...

The model is gorge!

Rich Girls. said...

thanks girls! your lovely words put a smile on my face.

honestly, i think that her hair makes her that much more incredible (than she would have prior, anyway). she's totally different from any other bec & bridge model we've seen in the past. she's not your typical beauty, but i think that's what i really like about it. x.