Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seven Magazine Covers And THAT Miu Miu Dress.

There's no secret that this Miu Miu dress from the lastest collection 
is a top favourite at magazines all around the world.
So far it has been featured on seven magazine covers, with a rumoured eighth cover on it's way.
Many editors would have been scratching their heads as to how this happened!

There's no denying it's such a gorgeous dress!
But seven covers? Wowee.

1. Codie Young on the October cover of Australian Vogue.
2. Freja Beha on the August cover of British Vogue.
3. Lily Allen on the August cover of British Elle.
4. Eva Mendes on the July cover of W Magazine, USA.
5. Mona Johannesson on the cover of Swedish Elle.
6. Karen Elson on the October cover of British Harper's Bazaar.
7. Amanda Ware on the November cover of Australian Harper's Bazaar.

Source: themaggies.


Janet Viktoria said...
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Rich Girls. said...

aw, thank you so much gorgeous! x.

alannah. said...

ive never taken much to freja but i actually really like her on this cover, she looks pretty damn fine!

Stefani said...

that dress is sooo beautiful!!no wonder it's on seven covers!

Rich Girls. said...

freja does look pretty amazing, especially in that colour miu miu dress. x.

Rich Girls. said...

it's definately a stand out dress, for sure. i still can't believe that it's made seven covers though. it's kind of unheard of. x.