Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dagens Outfit.

I wish I could be wearing this outfit today.
The weather's just too cold in Melbourne right now.

Hilda Sandström, Stockholm.
She has incredible style and I found myself lusting over her entire wardrobe.
Take a peek at her amazing blog here.


alannah. said...

how ridiculous is this yucky winter weather!!!! hate it, i would love to wear what shes wearing,shes dayyyuuuum hot! love the sweater the most.x

Rea said...

this is absolutely amazing! love the simplicity, though very chic and stylish!

Anne said...

love her style! thanks so much for sharing, i'm very happy i discovered her blog! xx

momentaryhappiness said...

need that knit!!


Unfinished Impressions said...

yes, i wish the same! here in Argentina is cold too.. but thnks for sharing the inspirartion!

just L said...

an amaziing girl with a huge personality for dresssing

Nicole said...

She's so beautiful. Love her style

YOANNE B said...

i love your style you are a it girl