Sunday, June 12, 2011

Song of Style's Apartment.

Aimee Song from 'Song of Style' shares with us her amazing San Francisco apartment.
It makes me want my own space to decorate so badly.

Don't you just want her shoe collection?

Source: songofstyle.


thisiswhati'dwear said...

Beautiful! I love her lounge chair and her guitar case and the way her shoes are on show - I want an apartment too



Anonymous said...

it's my dream to buy and decorate my own place!
i absolutely love this, that bench is amazing
and there is nothing i love more than shoes on display - shelves being my personal choice

Erin said...

Thank you for sharing this! Her apartment is so lovely-and I want that sheer blouse, and of course all of her shoes!


Anna Katrina said...

apartment envy!!

stop by sometime<3

giana said...

so lovely and minimalist, i cant wait to own my own space!


Anne said...

i totally agree with you, really want my own space right now! and those shoes and books, ofcourse.

Sick by Trend said...

I dream with a home like this but with Jil Sander shoes for men and Givenchy, Prada.. :D


Ellie said...

incredible. i love your blog, just came across it and would appreciate the follow back!xx

noura. said...

this is amazing i wish i lived there

Mindy Erazo said...

Great post :) The pictures look amazing, and i'm loving all her shoes!