Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kanye, I Love You.

I really do.
Completely, utterly, enormously.

His outfit on stage at Coachella has been my absolute favourite to date.
That CELINE shirt + BALMAIN jeans.
I'm pretty sure every fashion lover out there died when they saw this.

And just recently he completely blew me away again at this years MTV VMA awards 
wearing an ombre chambray shirt, those Balmain jeans again and his personally designed Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers.
There's actually a huge part of me that wishes he wore maroon Isabel Marant suede sneakers instead.
I seriously cannot wait for his fashion line to be debuted at NY fashion week.

Source: styleite.


caits said...

so i have a sick obsession with kanye west. its a little out of control. but how awesome would it be if jayz and beyonce made him their hiphop babys godfather. that kid would be set for life.

le pearl said...

Okay so I adore that ombre shirt too. Far outttttt amazing. seriously"

caits said...

haha yes i remember our previous kanye obsession discussion! i think when i found out you were also an avid fan is when i first fell in love with your blog. also how good is the film clip for otis? i mean that car he is driving, i want it! haha sooo good!

Liz Lizo said...

Oh dear I love Kanye too, even with his antics, he still always gets his wardrobe right and the suggested Isabel Marant sneakers are perfect for him, that's if he doesn't own them already.
Katy's legs distracted me, I need a treadmill.

Liz Lizo

Sarah said...

Get out of town - I missed the Celine shirt spotting? Makes me want to go to DJ's now and try it on for the 58th time.. Still nursing a long held crush on the guy!
x Sarah

caits said...

hahaha yes i did! a cheeky tumblr stalk. i meant to post a link back to your tumblr under it but clearly forgot so i will add it now. oopsie x

lula said...

Your blog is one my favorites, so I'm happy support :>
Love the first pic!

caits said...

it took me awhile to learn how to curl it haha. not to mention getting my share of burns - eep or stuffing it up and ending up just putting into a bun out of frustration but definitely persevere. you can also stalk youtube for tutorials on how to do - some people are seriously talented haha. we stock wildfox at my work so come payday its always super tempting and yes i did cave and buy this - but no regrets its lovely!

i just keep posting replies on this post haha must look so confusing. but then i get to see kanye everytime so i dont mind..

Sarah said...

Spied this on Kat George's Blog and instantly thought of your Kayne love -