Monday, August 8, 2011

Lara Bingle Blue Heaven.

So, I promised you images of Lara's blue dip-dyed locks, and here they are.
I was hoping to stumble upon some better quality images, 
but these ones put on Instagram by her and her best friends will do.

Suits her perfectly, right?!
Although I have a feeling that this was for one night only. ):

Source: twitter.


Miss Delirium said...

Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it!^^ Yea, you should def give it a go :D You're right, it's not easy to find good products for thin/fine hair!:/

Hehehe, Oh-no gurrl ur wrong, he's mine:P *oh well, i wish at least;)*

And hey, I liked these dip-dyed locks much better than Kate Bosworth's ;)

Frankie Sunshine said...

Is'nt Lara just the most amazing thing ever! Love these pics and fabulous blog lovely. Can't wait to read more now I've found you x

Victoria said...

Have you seen K.Bosworth's locks? She's opted for teal tips too. Great blog, it seems like we have similar style and interests. Following!