Thursday, September 29, 2011

Australia's Next Top Model Week Six.

Week Six shot at Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

I really liked the whole tribal theme behind the costumes used in the shoot this week.  
Although again, this shoot was a bit of a letdown. 
My favourites didn't shine this week, I guess the intense weather conditions really didn't aid in enhancing their performances, 
but just the overall results from the girls in this shoot was nothing spectacular, like you would have hoped from a shoot and location like this.

1. Izzy wears clothes from Costume Hire Shop, Aurelio Costarella corset belt + Dinosaur Designs jewellery
2. Hazel wears blanket cape and vintage fur wrap from Grandma Takes A Trip, Flannel braided leather top + Dinosaur Designs jewellery
3. Liz wears Levis denim shirt, blanket wrap and headpiece from Grandma Takes A Trip + Dinosaur Designs jewelley
4. Jess wears vintage furs from Grandma Takes A Trip, Aurelio Costarella leather top + Dinosaur Designs jewellery

Source: facebook/australia'snexttopmodel


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Love these shots.
strawberry freckleface

Kaitlyn said...

Eeek, I've missed these eps while I was away! Glad I have you to round them up for me ;) At least our shoots though are always way better than on the US version, Tyra Banks is a nutcase when it comes to that show...