Saturday, September 17, 2011

Elin Kling NYFW.

The ever-so-stylish Elin Kling around town at New York Fashion Week.

1 + 2. Before and after the Tibi show, in which she helped style, dressed head to toe in Tibi.
3. At the Mulberry party in a dress by Phillip Lim Resort 2012.
4. Saying goodbye to NY in head to toe in Phillip Lim, apart from her Nike cap.

Source: style by kling.


Anonymous said...

crazy effortless chic style! love this girl

Sunniva said...

Elin Kling is so gorgeous! And she has the best style. It's that perfect minimalistic look, which is an art to manage without looking dull. And she has the dream job (or dream jobs I should say!) What in fashion can't she do?! Ahh, she is my hero.

Ps. Hi sweetie:) Oh, how I love reading the comments from you! You are so lovely. I know that when I visit your blog I'll always discover something new and very inspiring - love it! No, I'm actually from Norway, though I wish I lived in America - more correctly New York haha;) But we get a LOT of American television here. I am wayyy hooked on reality tv too - I watch too much, but it's so addictive haha! Have a wonderful weekend, gorgeous xoxo

Cylia said...

elin is looking hot and stylish as always!:) I wonder how she is in real life.. probably really cool. Hope you're having a great weekend girly;) enjoying the weather? It's summer in australia right now right? or no.. it's spring now!? or almost:p it's almost fall over here..

Nef 'n Nat said...

she's simply amaazing xx