Thursday, March 15, 2012

Caroline Blomst In My Hometown.

Dream team Caroline and Daniel from Stockholm Street Style are in Melbourne for LMFF.
This is Caroline's outfits over the last few days of fashion week.

Her style is always so minimalistic and full of basics, which she pulls off so effortlessly every time.

It's time to get my basics in tip top order.


Anonymous said...

wonderful effortless style!

Anonymous said...

wonderful effortless style!

Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

her styling is flawless- I wish I saw her during LMFF! X

JADE EMILY said...

Gorgeous, Simple yet Chic x

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Rea said...

they're both so nice! I wish they would come to Athens for the fashion week. But there is actualy not much to do here.

Jessie said...

She does have such great style.

Angela said...

Oh my I adore her!

Friend in Fashion said...

Style icon! And she is so sweet to boot!

Friend in Fashion

MEZ said...

I love her! I'm interviewing her next week in Sydney for the blog and I think I might just pass out from her hotness being so close to me!

Irene said...


Fashion Blends said...

i just found your blog - i surfed thru it - u have very good taste :)

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JADE EMILY said...

I love this outfit, Defiantly the heels! x

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i want both of those shoes! the first ones are awesome, but i wonder how on earth you can walk them because there are just some thin straps in them! well, the second ones seem to be a bit more comfortable and the platform is lovely!:)
and the outfits are great of course!