Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wildfox | Magical Creatures.

"Magical Creatures"

Wildfox introduces the story of "3 very different, magical girls who live in our favourite Wildfox cities".
Ella, a fairy from Los Angeles, Cherie, a gypsy from Paris, Dahlia, a witch from New York.

Created by 'Magical Creatures' author and Wildfox story-teller, Francesca Lia Block and the girls from Wildfox, Emily and Kimberley. 
You can read the whole story, meet the characters and see more inspiration for the collection at Magical Creature.

One again, the illustrations are completely flawless. 
So, which Wildfox girl are you?

Source: ilovewildfox.


Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

these are beautiful! I choose the fairy! x

Friend in Fashion said...

This is gorgeous! Love the illustration!

Friend in Fashion

xiaohan - xssat said...

Seriously Wildfox can do no wrong, everything's so amazing!