Tuesday, January 15, 2013

e l l e r y resort '13.

E L L E R Y Resort '13.

Shot by: Darren McDonald | Modeled by: Aussie actress, Phoebe Tonkin

I'm loving the Australian vibe to this campaign, with the iconic shots of the coast in the background
and the contrast of the black and white photographs layered on top.
The shorts from this Spring/Summer collection are killer. Definately a must if you're into baring your long legs.

You can watch the exclusive video shot for Vogue here. Phoebe could be Kym's body double for sure - they look that alike.

Source: elleryland.


Tori Bodin said...

The layout is definitely inspiring. I'd love to try and put together something similar :)

Thanks for sharing!

K. Cruz said...

I love Phoebe!! She's so gorgeous, and these photos are amazing.

Nina Richards. thirteen little loves. said...

I just LOVE this! Ellery just keeps getting better.
This is a def reblog :)
Hope your having a fabulous week.
♥ ♥