Monday, February 18, 2013

Millie Mac | Fur Style Diary.

You may already know her from reality TV show 'Made In Chelsea', but for those of you who are now
only being introduced, Millie is a London-based "make-up artist, beauty fanatic and fashion junkie".

I have admired her perfectly styled, super classy, head to toe chic looks since season 1, episode 1 of Made In Chelsea.
Her fur collection being the main focus all the way through, and now, more so than ever.
Her wardrobe has certainly evolved over the past few seasons; experimenting with different trends and pieces,
but she always seems to pull everything off so flawlessly.

Millie on her style right now...
"It's a bit of a mix. One day can be completely different to the next. I dress according to how I feel. 
I think in the last year it's gotten a little harder rather than really girly. It's probably a bit grungier because I've been hanging out at festivals and stuff. 
I always like to have a slight boho feel aswell - lots of floppy hats and gillets and tassels. I love tassels."

Oh, and she totally loves Aussie style and fashion.

Take a peek at Millie's 'Style Diary' and watch her make up tutorials for some extra tips.

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Shona said...

I love the outfits and the hats but I would hope that it is faux fur.