Thursday, June 6, 2013

Off Duty | Karolina Kurkova.

Models seem to have the most effortlessly flawless "off duty" style. 
I suppose working in the industry and being surrounded by a flood of amazing clothes on a daily basis, working with the best of the best, 
would definately give you the upper hand when it comes to staying on trend and styling your own wardrobe. 

Karolina mixes high end designer and lower end, with the 'it' item of the moment, the ever-so-popular Zara skort.
While I can admit to immediately gasping every time I have seen an all-white Zara skort outfit post 
from bloggers, celebs and instagramers, this combination possibly wins overall.
My first thoughts were "I want the jacket!" followed by an instant admiration of the colour palette, having seen that both items 
fit in so well together, with the ankle boots being the perfect touch.

If only you could get your hands on the skort at Australian Zara...

Source: google images.


courtney said...

Models always have the best sources which equal the best wardrobes. Love your blog - always great images! Check out my blog at xx

emi said...

they really do but then again, i suppose when you're life is all about how you look, the pressure on and/or off camera must never stop. i cannot imagine seeing that my hair is a total rats nest today. :) she looks gorge of course! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lovely
I came across this website and and saw this skort and thought of you immediatley, looks so much like the Zara one you want...


Anonymous said...

hi lovely,

saw this skort (so much like the zara one you want) and thought of you



She looks great, love that jacket.

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