Monday, September 9, 2013

Australia's Next Top Model | Week Nine.

This week was a good week in Top Model land.
The girls took part in a 'phone booth' challenge, where they were paired up, throw in a phone booth together and had to
make the transformation of hair and make up, change into an Alex Perry dress and put on thigh-high lace up heels, all in the quickest time.
Abbie was the lucky winner having gotten the best time twice in a row.

The girls shot for Cosmopolitan magazine this week for a fresh, high fashion spread.
With mirrors being their back drop, the girls had to make sure to play with their angles and be
conscious of their bodies the whole time, as every angle would be visible in print.
Dijana took out 'photo of the week' with her killer shot; showing off her incredible, versatile body positions.
Her Ginger & Smart outfit complimented the shoot so well and only aided her in taking a fashion mag worthy shot.
Also, Duckie was chosen by the Editor for Cosmopolitan, Bronwyn McCahon, to be featured in a
two page spread in the magazine as she liked what she brought to the shoot the best.

(In order of faves) Dijana. Abbie. Melissa. Duckie. Jade. Shanali. Shannon.

I was happy to see Shannon go this week. For me she lacked that 'model' vibe and I found her to be rather annoying and full on at times.
It'll be interesting to see who goes in the double eviction this coming week!


Anonymous said...

Please realise that producers select certain extracts to portray a contestant in a certain light, which may not be what she is really like.

rich girls. said...

That may be the case, however my opinion has been formed by what I have seen on the show. (Although I really don't think the producers would have had the need to paint her or any of the girls in a different light at all). Regardless, I really didn't find her to be appealing. That is the only judgement I can make at this time. Thank you for your comment, anonymous. x