Friday, September 13, 2013

Interview | Golden Dreamers.

Golden Dreamers Summer 13/14.

Designer's Rae Byron and Lisa Tolley put their creative minds together in order to establish their label 'Golden Dreamers', 
daring to try new trends and take bigger risks with the intention of standing out.
They have a definate bohemian vibe, mixed with a little modern glamour, which is definately for 
those girls who want to express their individuality through an eclectic yet fashion forward wardrobe.

I spoke with the girls and asked them a few short questions...

1. How did 'Golden Dreamers' come about?
It was a bit accidental really. We both had a love for fashion and had been pursuing it in very different ways. 
Rae had been doing some designing and had been dreaming up a collection for a while. Lisa had been freelance styling and costume designing. 
We had a short stint where Lisa was crashing at Rae's and somehow our dreams became reality. 
Before we knew it we had a name, designs and booked a trip overseas to start the process.

2. What is your favourite aspect when it comes to designing a new collection?
Our favourite aspect is sourcing fabrics. This is where we get really inspired and all of our inspiration comes to life. 
We love the process of hunting through thousands of fabrics to find the one that captures us.

3. Who is a 'Golden Dreamers' girl?
Golden Dreamers girl is a modern bohemian-chic girl that loves to mix casual, hippie 70's style with a 
little modern glam and glitter. Our designs are aimed at the feminine, free spirited with a little bit of an edge.

4. What are your most loved pieces from your current Summer 13/14 collection?
A favourite of both Lisa and Rae are the Levi - Palm Tree - Jumpsuit and Rae Rae Dress. 
A frequent go-to is also the Pepper Kaftans.

5. What's next for 'Golden Dreamers'?
We are in the process of designing our new collection for Summer 14/15 and enjoying the success of the current collection. 
We have been completely overwhelmed by people's reactions to this new range.

Thank you and big love, girls!

Shop at their online store now.

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