Friday, January 31, 2014



Sadly, the Christmas/New Year vacation period is over and it's back to the 'real world'.
My two and a bit weeks where split between time at my beach house in Inverloch and down at an
apartment my family and I shared in Lorne.
Those few weeks were spent frolicking in the sun, splashing in the waves and hiking
in natures wonderlands amongst many, many other things.

All photo's above were taken by me.
1. Inverloch beach at dusk  2. The stairs at Inverloch jetty  3. The Great Ocean Road
 4. Cockatoo friends and balcony breakfast views  5. View of Lorne beach from the pier
6. Paddleboarders in Lorne 7. View of the ocean from our hike  8. A very Bondi-looking
Lorne beach  9. I spy surfers  10. Watching the surfers  11. The Great Ocean Road
12. Hike to the waterfalls

I want to go back. NOW.


substance for Belle. said...

Beautiful photos girl! Wowee let's getaway together for a girlie week! xx

Estel said...

Amazing pics! I wish I can go there some day!
Kissis from Spain :)

Kendra Alexandra said...

Amazing photos - wanderlust comes to mind!
This is a really great post :)


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