Saturday, August 30, 2014

Blogger Style | Maja Wyh.

Maja Wyh is my latest style crush.

Her style is a little bit 'Mary-Kate Olsen' in her ultra-cool bohemian days and I like it.
The over-sized tops and the layering is what appeals to me most. It's the kind of dressing that I would
not think to style on myself. Maja has the 'effortlessly cool' vibe down pat. For awhile she was that girl
in the images that I saw everywhere, forever lusting over her denim combos and coats. Now that I have
finally discovered her blog, it's safe to say that I will be frequenting it quite a bit.

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Lesley said...

Amazing! I am completely in love with your blog! I love checking it out, and adore that you post so differently from others :) I just started my blog after having tumblr for a long time :) If you feel like it check it out :*

agnes szucs said...

I don't know her at all, but she's gooood!
I love those drapey things, and their contrast with more masculine stuff. Quite perfect.

agnes / iiiinspired / pieces-of-mine

Jenaly Enns said...

I agree, I love her and her style!!! amazing