Monday, August 11, 2014

Blogger Style | Millie Mackintosh.

If you don't already know, this is Millie Mackintosh, another style icon of mine. 
I was first introduced to Millie when I started watching British reality show Made In Chelsea, (think The Hills 
for trust fund kids). Immediately I became enamoured with her incredibly stylish outfits and equally envious of 
her constant effortless hair and make up. Now having left the show, Millie runs her own fashion and beauty 
website, which she dedicates to her first love; make up, as she is first and foremost, a make up artist.
She is also the wife of Professor Green and heir to Quality Street.

Everything Millie wears is exactly what I would want in my wardrobe. 
I'm kind of regretting getting lazy this winter and dressing more for comfort - jeans and a knitted sweater. 
More reason to get working on that Summer wardrobe, starting with the inspiration above!

Do yourself a favour and check out her website and make up tutorials
The perfect aid in helping achieve that natural 'no make up' look. You will definately learn a thing or two!
She's who I look to for hair and make up inspiration.

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