Thursday, April 23, 2015

Alice McCall MBFWA.

Alice McCall Cruise 15/16 at MBFWA, titled "One Track Love".

Being one of my most favourited Australian labels, I look forward to seeing what cool, pretty little 
numbers Alice McCall debuts at Fashion Week each year. We are always transported to a fantasy world 
at the shows, this time around models walked amongst the clouds showing off a dreamy pastel colour 
palette with injections of monochrome; volumous ruffles, delicate lace and cinched high waists. 
Models also wore bunny ears, which totally fits with Alice McCall quirkiness and the whimsical nature of the brand.

I would like the white lace dress in the last shot and the cream two piece
to get in my wardrobe ASAP. And I won't say no to the bunny ears!

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