Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello, Frank Body Face Range!

WHAT'S soft, smooth and supple all over?
Your skin after this babe, Frank Body, getting all up in your face!

IF you haven't already heard about Frank [and I can't possibly imagine why you haven't by now],
Frank Body is "an Australian made coffee-based skincare range that targets cellulite, stretch marks,
psoriasis, eczema and other skins conditions to leave your skin feeling soft and supple".
His new face range is just what we've all been waiting for.

THE three product face range consists of...
- Creamy Face Scrub : rough and gentle all at once; with a combination of freshly roasted 
coffee granules, white clay, and oils, making your cheeks even sweeter than before.

- Everyday Face Moisturiser : stimulates blood flow, improving firmness and brightness. 
It is gentle enough for sensitive skinned babes, while targeted at blemish-prone skin.

- Creamy Face Cleanser : targets impurities, nourishes skin and replenishes moisture levels.
 Contains charcoal which is a powerful antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin, 
targeting dryness, acne, fine lines and other skin conditions. 

ALL products are made in Melbourne, Australia and are free from parabens, PEGS or pathlates.
No sulphates or silicones. No mineral oil, no glycols, no DEA or TEA.

SIMPLE skincare is the best skincare. And as Frank says, if a cup of coffee makes you feel
good on the inside, imagine how your outer layer will be feeling after baring it all with him!

Check out the Frank Body Face Range here.


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