Saturday, July 11, 2015

Street Style | Kendall Jenner.

There is no denying that Kendall Jenner's style has evolved massively 
since she has matured as a young adult and it's so fascinating to watch.

I thought it was about time I compiled a list of some of my favourite "off-duty" looks
Kendall has been sporting of late. With the help of her stylist, Monica Rose, she pulls 
off some really cool polished yet daring outfits (and some Australian designers at that!).

She makes me want to be rugged up in a long winter coat with leather pants 
underneath, even though I totally know it would not suit me in the slightest!

Do you have a favourite look or trend on Kendall?

1 comment:

substance for Belle. said...

far out, why she gotta look so dang good all the time... without even trying.